Making It Harder to Copy Map Images

It is not possible to completely prevent users from copying images displayed within a web page, but we can make it harder to do.

Adding the following JavaScript to your page will:

jQuery(document).on('contextmenu', '.waymark-map img', function () {
  return false;
jQuery(document).on('hover', '.waymark-map .waymark-info-image_large_url a', function () {
  jQuery(this).attr('href', '#');
jQuery(document).on('click', '.waymark-map .waymark-info-image_large_url a', function (e) {
  return false;

This CSS stops images displayed by the info window from appearing as links (i.e. it removes the “pointer” mouse cursor).

.waymark-map .waymark-info-image_large_url a {
  cursor: unset !important

Adding this to your page will produce the following:

Parent page: